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Methane Minute

COP26 is just 11 days away and all signs point to the Glasgow conference as methane’s big debut as a major plank of the global climate strategy.

First, there’s the Global Methane Pledge. Led by the U.S. and the EU, countries around the world are signing on to commitments to reduce methane emissions by 30% below 2020 levels by 2030. Then, COP leadership name-checked methane amongst the top issues for the COP, alongside “coal, trees, cars, and cash.”

In short, methane is having a moment. A Methane Moment.

As you prepare to attend, report on, or otherwise observe the goings-on of COP26, the Methane Moment is your resource for all things methane in the run-up to and during the conference:

  • The Methane Moment pavilion, located in the Blue Zone throughout the duration of COP, will host speakers, events, and meetings, and provide a hub for attendees, from reporters to country ministers, scientific experts to world leaders to learn about methane and show support for fast global action to reduce emissions.
  • is the virtual home of the Methane Moment Pavilion, with resources, live and recorded events, and more.
  • The Methane Minute (?) will hit inboxes and social media, occasionally before COP and regularly during the conference, for the latest on the No. 2 greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.
  • The Methane Moment team – 30 organizations representing 70 countries, led by the Clean Air Task Force, Climate and Clean Air Coalition, Environmental Defense Fund, World Resources Institute, and the UN Environment Programme to guide programming at the pavilion, provide resources and facilitate connections.

Methane in the headlines:

  • Who Are the World’s Biggest Climate Polluters? Satellites Sweep for Culprits (October 19) – The Wall Street Journal
  • Russia allows methane leaks at planet’s peril (October 19) – The Washington Post
  • Abandoned wells are a huge climate problem (October 15) – The Washington PostCleanTechnica
  • Making It More About Methane as the World Goes to COP26 (October 19) – Bloomberg Green
  • Genetics can determine how much methane cows release when burping and passing gas, researcher says (October 20) – CBS News

Upcoming events in Methane: 

  • 30 October: G20 Leaders Summit in Rome
  • 31 October: COP26 Begins
  • 2 November: Global Methane Pledge signing

Bessie With the Good Hair

(Climate change is scary. Scotland’s highland cattle – aka hairy coos – are very cute. Cattle generate a lot of methane: Sustainable farming practices are an important part of solving climate change.)

This brassy bovine who says it’s time for the world to get behind sustainable cattle agriculture ?

Bessie with the good hair

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