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How’s everybody feeling? Well rested? Hydrated? The Global Methane Pledge is out in the world – now the real work begins.

Here’s what’s happening in methane: 

What’s next for the Pledge?
With more than 100 countries on board – 70% of global GDP, and nearly half of global methane emissions – the Pledge puts methane among the issues at the top of the climate agenda. Now, attention will turn toward answering questions about implementation and distribution of responsibility toward the collective target. And the pressure will be on the countries that opted not to join, particularly the top emitters, including China, Russia, India, and Australia.

Catch up on the Methane Moment happenings:

  • In conversation with IEA Chief Energy Economist (Watch here)
  • Panel: Turning Pledges into Action with Mark Brownstein, Sarah Smith, and Deborah Gordon (Watch here)
  • In Conversation with Chief Executive Officer of Ecopetrol Felipe Bayón (Watch here)
  • Methane: The EU´s Perspective with Marc Vanheukelen, EU Ambassador at Large for Climate Diplomacy (Watch here)
  • The State of Global Methane Emissions with IMEO’s Scientific Oversight Committee, Dr. Steven Hamburg (Watch here)

Methane in the headlines:

  • Methane Moment partners quoted around the world: Le Monde (France) – La Croix (France) –
  • The Telegraph (UK) – The Irish Times (Ireland) – Publico (Spain) – Der Spiegel (Germany) – Digi24 (Romania) – NPR (US) – NBC News(US) – Primapress (Italian)
  • With Methane and Forest Deals, Climate Summit Offers Hope After Gloomy Start (November 2) – New York Times
  • Keeping Up Methane Momentum After COP Pledge (November 3) – Bloomberg
  • Interview: EPA head Michael Regan on U.S. plan to tame methane emissions (November 2) – NPR
  • Methane rules would cost ‘negligible’ oil and gas profits (November 2) – Bloomberg
  • Why methane cuts pledged at COP26 may be key to meeting climate goals (3 November) – National Geographic
  • Australia puts fossil fuel company front and centre at Cop26 while refusing methane pledge (2 November) – The Guardian
  • Canada pledges 75% cut in methane emissions from oil and gas (2 November) – The Business Standard

Upcoming events in Methane: 

4 November:

  • 8:30 UTC – Interview: Jason Anderson, Program Director, Governance & Diplomacy and Super Pollutants, ClimateWorks Foundation
  • 9:00 – Interview: Ricardo Lara, California Insurance Commissioner
  • 10:00 – Interview: Larry Kramer, President of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • 10:30 – Interview: Antha Williams, Global Head of the Environment Program at Bloomberg Philanthropies
  • 11:00 – Panel: The Need for Speed with Dr. Tim Lenton of University of Exeter, Pam Pearson of ICCI, Sarah Smith of CATF and Durwood Zaelke of IGSD
  • 12:00 – Panel: Catalyzing Methane Emissions Reduction for a More Equitable, Sustainable Future
  • 15:30 – Space Race to Save the Climate with MethaneSAT, Carbon Mapper, GHGSat, and Kayrros
  • 17:00 – Agriculture and Food System Policies to Reduce Methane with Richie Ahuja AVP, Climate Smart Agriculture, EDF

5 November:

  • 9:00 – Interview: Methane Hunting in Europe with James Turrito of Clean Air Task Force
  • 10:00 – Interview: Methane Hunters: Making the Invisible Visible with Sharon Wilson of Earthworks
  • 12:00 – Interview: Tracking Methane Progress Through the International Methane Emissions Observatory with Andris Piebalgs, chair of IMEO Implementation Committee
  • 14:00 – Virtual Event: ASEA: Regulating Methane with Dora Luz Llanes Herrera of Agencia de Seguridad Energía y Ambiente of Mexico
  • 15:30 – Virtual event: How to Slow Down Climate Change: Cut Methane
  • 17:00 – Panel: Tools for Implementation with Olga Gassan-Zade of Carbon Limits, Christophe McGlade of IEA, Alfredo Miranda of Clean Air Task Force

Bessie With the Good Hair

(Climate change is scary. Scotland’s highland cattle – aka hairy coos – are very cute. Cattle generate a lot of methane: Sustainable farming practices are an important part of solving climate change.)

Channeling Bessie’s zen on a very busy day!